Re-elect Craig on June 8th!

The Prime Minister has just announced that a General Election will be held on 8 June - and that we will shortly take the necessary steps in Parliament to ensure that this can happen.       

Residents say no to the bus lane on Caerphilly Road

Residents have been in touch regarding the proposed bus lanes on Caerphilly Road, Birchgrove. They feel that the bus lanes are unneccesary and will cause further congestion by buses entering and exiting the lane at various points on the road.

Yes to the Green Belt, No to the Green Wedge!

My colleague Jayne Cowan, will be presenting a Notice of Motion (Council debate) on Thursday 22nd October, 4.30pm City Hall along with Councillor Rod McKerlich on the Local Development Plan.

Save Natwest Rhiwbina Branch

Following the announcement that the Rhiwbina branch is to close in October, we today met with representatives of NatWest from the local and Wales areas. We were also joined by the three Rhiwbina Councillors, Jayne Cowan, Adrian Robson & Eleanor Sanders and also David Melding AM.