My 6-point plan for Cardiff North

Residents want to see more high quality local jobs, less congestion on our roads, protection for our open green spaces, backing for our NHS staff and support for our high streets. Craig gets it and with his long-term plan, we can secure a better future for Cardiff.

  1. Reducing Cardiff’s congestion and parking problems - By finishing the Eastern Bay Link road to complete the ring road around Cardiff, improving parking and ensuring our local roads become pot-hole free.
  2. Protecting our open green spaces - By being on the side of the community. While Cardiff needs more family homes, we must stop over-development on our open green spaces and give local people a say on how our communities should grow.
  3. Creating more jobs - By supporting entrepreneurs and attracting the best businesses to set-up and expand in Cardiff, giving local people the security of a long-term career.
  4. Delivering electrification to Cardiff – Building on the investment which will see the electrification of the main train line to London spread across to the City Lines in Cardiff. By keeping the bus station to the north of the Central Train Station and protecting local bus services from cuts, we can make the capital city of Wales an easy and affordable place in which to travel.
  5. Supporting our NHS staff - By taking politics out of the NHS and protecting its funding we can back our frontline public servants to give them the confidence and flexibility to do their jobs.
  6. Backing local businesses - By reducing the tax our small businesses pay, providing local jobs for local people and ensuring our high streets remain at the heart of our communities.


We can, with your support, secure Cardiff’s future for our children and grandchildren.