Increase in shed burglaries in Cardiff North

Information provided by South Wales Police, Community Messenger

Cardiff North has had a number of shed burglaries recently.
Please be vigilant and see the advice below. Any suspicious incidents/persons please call the Police immediately.

Gates and fences are the first signs of a secure home and act as a good deterrent to intruders. Make sure they are in good repair.

1. Keeping your front gate closed sends a psychological message of privacy, so consider investing in a gate spring.

2. Ensure that side access to the rear garden is secured with a 2 metre high fence and gate. You can fix trellis topping to your fence as it makes climbing difficult.

3. Ensure ladders are put away and bins can’t be turned into climbing aids

4. For a perimeter fence by a public path or other vulnerable area consider defensive or prickly shrubbery on your side of the fencing.

5. An outdoor light operated by sensors can be used to make intruders feel vulnerable and observed.

6. Illuminate areas such as the front! , side and rear of your home

7. Make sure passers-by can see the front of your home by cutting your shrubs and bushes to 1m so burglars can’t work without being seen.

Gardens, sheds and garages often have expensive items such as lawn mowers, bikes and tools.

• Check your shed and garage for signs of decay, which may provide an opportunity for a thief.

• Look to strengthen the door and frame, hinges should be secured with coach bolts or non-return screws. Use strong padbars and close shackle padlocks.

• Think of securing the windows with a grills or heavy wire mesh to increase window security and the use of net curtains to deter casual viewing of your property.

• Register expensive items with a commercial database or use a forensic marker to increase your chance of getting it back if it’s stolen.

• A ground anchor is a chain or strong point set into the ground to which you can secure valuable items within the shed or garage. Use! one which meets Sold Secured Gold standard or Secured by Design.

• To secure an existing garage door buy a garage defender, these bolt into the ground in front of the garage and stop it from being opened until you unlock it and drop it flat. Make sure its Sold Secure silver or gold standard.

• If you have a door connecting the garage to the house make sure this has the same level of security as your front door, fitting locks that meet BS 3621, or fitting a door that meets PAS 24: 2012.